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We have laid out how to approach the next step in your business process mapping and governance journey in easy-to-access live documents.

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BluePrint Business Intelligence

Journey Overview

The BPBI methodology translates the strategic objectives into smaller phases which are treated as separate projects building on each other.
To ensure a seamless and successful implementation of BluePrintBI within an organisation.
A company’s operational service model is defined in terms of a process hierarchy, outlining the high-level process sub-groupings and processes with tasks.
One of the key foundations of using BPBI effectively is that all users are adequately trained in line with the role that they will represent within the process definition life cycle of the company.
The BPBI methodology enables a process to be mapped efficiently adhering to a predetermined set of standards of quality.
Value-adding information is added to processes on BPBI at process and task level, to enhance the process intelligence that can be derived from the information on BPBI.
Risks and control frameworks may be added at process and task level to identify the level of risk per process, as well as on each level of the organisation’s operational service model.
BPBI provides valuable Business Process Intelligence. At this stage, the Web Viewer can be used by Management for viewing Management Reports to obtain business insights and knowledge
Where changes to the operating model are to be facilitated utilising BPBI.
Processes are reviewed regularly to ensure that the information is current and can be trusted.
BluePrint Business Intelligence

Let’s walk through the process

The purpose of this document is to provide a guide to assist you in effectively and efficiently activating BluePrintBI to enable your strategic objectives.
This document aims to describe the journey towards a fully documented operational landscape. Along the way, references to other helpful documentation will be added.

New Client Activation