User Training Offering

1. Purpose Of The Document #

The purpose of this document is to provide a breakdown of the different training courses offered by BluePrintBI. The course material is grouped along certain user roles in BluePrintBI.
The emphasis of our BluePrintBI training approach is to enable process accountability as a culture within an organisation with the different modules covering the full life cycle of process definition: Strategy, Methodology, System Functionality and Reporting.

2. Training Offering For Different Users #

3. Prerequisites For Training #

For the training to be most effective, the following are the minimum requirements and should be confirmed to be in place by the client prior to training sessions being started:

  1. A training room should be provided with:
    1. Desk seating for all the students
    2. Video projector and screen
    3. A facilitator/training assistant for every 4 students
  2. Each student should have:
    1. Their own laptop with BPBI installed and access to the BluePrintBI Test Environment
    2. A username and password BluePrintBI in the Test Environment.
  3. Set up of users connected to a BluePrintBI test environment:
    1. Editors, super users and data maintenance users need access to the Desktop Application as well as the Web Applications.
    2. Users with Viewer- only access will only need access to the Web Application
  4. Editors need Microsoft Visio installed on their laptops.

4. Certification #

The facilitators/training assistants will assess the progress of the students throughout the sessions. On condition that certain basic skills levels were attained, students will receive a certificate on completion of the relevant module successfully completed.
Certificates will be provided for the following modules completed:

  1. Certified Editor (module 1)
  2. Certified Governance Enabler (modules 1, 4, 6)
  3. Certified Super User (modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

5. Contact Us #

Please contact our support team, should you require any additional information regarding the BluePrintBI training modules on offer.

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