The BluePrintBI solution provides a fast and user friendly way to design, maintain and analyse critical business processes. Our platform will enable management control, keep you compliant, and allow you to consistently apply business intelligence. close

New User Registration

Welcome to BluePrintBI

To become a new user, please complete the following user registration:

1. Click on the link               

2. Complete the registration form as follows:

2.1    Enter the Company Name and/or Department

2.2    Provide the user’s First Name and Last Name in the text box provided

2.3    Enter the email address in the text box provided

2.4    Enter the Authorisation Code provided to you by your IT manager

2.5    Copy and paste the Unique ID into the Trial Code text box

2.6    Click on the “Generate” button to validate the information on the BPBI licensing service

2.7    Once the system responds with a confirmation, the Unlock Key text box will be populated

2.8    Select the provided Unlock Key and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl + C or Right-Click, Copy)

2.9    On the screen which originally appeared when selecting the BluePrintBI desktop application, click the “Paste” button, which will paste the serial code into the correct text boxes

2.10   Click on the “Register” button to register your application

If you need any assistance in the registration process, please email BluePrintBI Support at