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Operating Model Management

BluePrintBI for operating model management

An Operating Model is an abstract representation of how an organisation operates across process, organisation and technology domains in order to accomplish its function.

An organisation is a complex system. An operating model breaks this system down into components to improve understanding and suggest opportunities for improvement.

An operating model can describe the way an organisation conducts business today. Alternatively, a fictional model can communicate how the organisation wants to transform its business.

By contrast, a business model describes how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value and sustains itself in the process. Source: Wikipedia

BluePrintBI offers this textbook definition to its users and allows companies to define their current, as well as newly proposed, operating models – all in a clear, consistent and user-friendly format.


  •     People and technology overlay
  •     Inefficiency tracking
  •     Ability to develop proposed improved processes
  •     Scenario planning
  •     Operating model analysis and business intelligence
  •     Risk and inefficiencies across the operating model
  •     Risk incidents across the operating model
  •     Audit and regulatory controls across the operating model

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