The BluePrintBI solution provides a fast and user friendly way to design, maintain and analyse critical business processes. Our platform will enable management control, keep you compliant, and allow you to consistently apply business intelligence. close

Learning Management

BluePrintBI for learning management 

Traditional Learning Management Systems are used to monitor internal training attendance, deliver e-learning training courses and store training material. BluePrintBI has an interactive LMS approach, allowing continuous learning to occur within your organisation. Our system offers you the ability to transfer knowledge between staff and teach new employees not only what the best practices are, but why these standards are accepted within the organisation. This approach will help train employees on the job and protect your business against the skill loss being experienced in every industry, owing to the changing nature and habits of the workforce.


  •      Continuous learning approach
  •      Task level explanations of duties
  •      Informal training on the job
  •      Best practises at fingertips
  •      Standardization of process and information transfer
  •      Up to date process handbook
  •      Automated annual review of processes
  •      Allows employees to add in ‘know how’ from their experience in the industry
  •      An environment of shared learning
  •      Collaborative approach
  •      A central place for policies, documents, workflow and rationalization of best practices
  •      No more staff turnover knowledge loss
  •      No need to lose months of efficient work time due to untrained employees

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