The BluePrintBI solution provides a fast and user friendly way to design, maintain and analyse critical business processes. Our platform will enable management control, keep you compliant, and allow you to consistently apply business intelligence. close

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Management

BluePrintBI for governance, risk & compliance (GRC) management

The term GRC refers to corporate governance, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance through relevant rules and regulations. BluePrintBI offers users a centralised solution to record all risks associated with business activities. The report builder and dashboards help compliance managers to extract applicable information, making their reporting duties easier and more efficient.  The use of consistent data across the business also fosters a collaborative culture between business, compliance, risk and internal audit teams. Risks are reported at a process level and informed actions can be taken to decrease the risks effectively. BluePrintBI is highly configurable and through consultation with your compliance team, we will ensure that our solution meets your specific GRC needs.


  •     Complete audit trials
  •     Risk allocation at task level
  •     Risk mitigation
  •     Policy management
  •     Inefficiency tracking and resolution
  •     Management of change
  •     Process implementation to meet regulatory obligations
  •     Report and present significant compliance and risk information
  •     Compliance with regulatory requirements
  •     Compliance with client mandate
  •     Compliance with industry-specific guidelines and rules

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