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Change Management

BluePrintBI for technology change and transition management

Change is constant. As technology improves and the level of product and consumer sophistication increases, the ability to implement changes in a business effectively within a short time frame is key. BluePrintBI provides management with the ability to extract accurate and up-to-date information, as well as to apply the relevant scenario planning to the data-set. It can act as the foundation for factual and precise transition management strategies for implementing change in an organisation, recognising process task-level activity, technology, parties involved (such as the client), risks and specific resources impacted. BluePrintBI is the catalyst for proactive technology and change management within an organisation.


  •     Risk and inefficiency acknowledgement
  •     Defect management log number link with business process
  •     Operational work around acknowledgement with technology log number link
  •     Key transition management reporting features
    •     Technology being used across the business at process step level
    •     Job titles using specific technology across the business
  •     Test case definition
  •     Regression testing strategy and test case definition
  •     Definition of key project documents
    •     Operational readiness strategy
    •     Test strategy
    •     Conversion strategy

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