The BluePrintBI solution provides a fast and user friendly way to design, maintain and analyse critical business processes. Our platform will enable management control, keep you compliant, and allow you to consistently apply business intelligence. close

Business Process Management Outsourcing (BPMO)

Do you urgently need to document 100 processes in less than 3 months?

Do you need a standardised methodology and solution to document key business processes?

Lacking capacity or skill internally and looking for a specialised third party service provider?

BluePrintBI’s proven methodology takes the pain out of traditional business process mapping. Your company’s subject matter experts (SMEs) share their process information in a simple Microsoft Excel template and the BluePrintBI consultants return the processes in a standardised format within 24 hours.

These five simple steps will be followed:

Output Examples

1. Process Hierarchy – Functional hierarchy of the organisation with all the processes defined per area in business unit per division

2.  Detailed Word Report – Detailed document explaining the high-level process and task details. Where enrichment has been added, the user can also find residual risk and control framework of the process, areas to improve, task details and list of attachments on this report 

3.Process Flow Diagram – Describes the flow of the process in an easy-to follow way. The steps can include or exclude the steps of sub-processes included in the process. This document can be provided in Visio or PDF format.

4. Management Reporting pack – The Management Reporting pack comprises of many different reports depending on the requirements of the company, for example:

  • Process definition status by Business Area
  • Technology usage across all business units and operators
  • Technology usage on client touch points
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Control Objectives Report
  • Inherent Risk Report
  • Risk Incidents – Root Cause
  • Risk Incidents – Financial Impact by Root Cause

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Pricing Options

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