The BluePrintBI solution provides a fast and user friendly way to design, maintain and analyse critical business processes. Our platform will enable management control, keep you compliant, and allow you to consistently apply business intelligence. close

About Us

BluePrintBI is a privately owned business situated in South Africa, with global aspirations.

The BluePrintBI product portfolio has been developed as a result of our extensive experience in defining operating models over the past 10 years. As global business has transformed over the past few decades, so has the need for operational excellence. Businesses need to be competitive on a whole new level – they need to understand their current value proposition, how they’ve reached success and how to maintain their competitive position.

The BlueprintBI solution empowers you to see your whole business, from Business Process Analysis, Business Process Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Audit Management through to your unique Operating model, our product portfolio will help achieve the result you are looking for.

At BluePrintBI we believe knowledge is power. We empower our clients to do business better.